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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

What is the function of Gamepad's Extra buttons (Mode, Turbo, Auto, Clear)? Game Pad Extra Button Function|

What is the function of Gamepad's Extra buttons (Mode, Turbo, Auto, Clear)?

Today's topic - 

What is the function of Game pad's Extra buttons (Mode, Turbo, Auto, Clear)?

We are many who do not buy the expensive brand's game pad, the cheap Chinese 300-600 game pad use. In these game pads, there are also some additional buttons in addition to the action buttons and analog sticks that have no direct action in the game.

 Generally, there are 4 extra buttons that are seen - 1.Mode 2.Turbo 3.Auto 4.Clear There are many who are unaware of their work. So today's post will be discussed about their work and use, although I did post it before long, but it has been lost in time.

➡Mode Button -

 The most common button mode is that all the games pad means the price of the brand or the chunky Chinese can be seen in all areas. When pressed by pressing this button, a red-colored lamp is lit on the game pad. In this red light flame, two analog stick and D-pad and 1-4 action buttons of the game pad will take different inputs. 

This is the normal position of the game pad. Many times, after seeing the new game pad, analog sticks are not working properly, because the common reason is that the mode button is not on.

 If the mode is off, then D-pad will work as left analog stick, pressing Arctic D-pad's up button, the game will think that the left analog stick is drawn upwards, same way D-pad at right, left and down By pressing the button, the left analog stick takes input as the right, left and bottom.

 At the same time, the right analog stick will work as a button 1-4. Arithmetic mode off, if you take the right stick upwards then the game will think you are pressing button 1 above. In the same way, on the right and left, the button works as 2,3,4 as well.

Now, where is the use of it? For example, in most of God's War, Kratos's movement is controlled by using the left stick, but there are some sophisticated places where precise platforming needs to be made slightly wrong after Kratos.

 In those cases, actually the D-pad is more effective than the analog stick. If the mode is off, then it is possible to invite Kratos's movement with D-pad, and these places can be easily crossed.
Gamepad's Extra buttons

➡Turbo Button - 

This button is seen more in Chinese Chinese game pad. Turbo Button does not actually have any work directly in the game, its work is indirect. Press the Turbo button and press any one of the action buttons (1-12 any) once, then release the Turbo button. Hold down the button 1 button.

 Now the Turbo activate for your Button 1 has been activated. Now if you hold down button 1, the game will think that you are pressing the button 1 times. If you hold down any button activated by Arthat Turbo, then pressing it repeatedly.

Now the question is where is its use field?

In fact there are multiple use cases. First of all, let's say with caution - the Devil May Cry has to keep pressing the button repeatedly for pistols to fire again because the button 1 presses the pressure and the pistol gets shot again and again. Pressing repeatedly causes the finger to be hurt, and the button quickly gets destroyed.

 In this case, if you activate Turbo for that button 1, you can always press and hold down button 1 again, then the game will remember that you are repeatedly pressing button 1 and the pistols will continue to shoot. This Turbo Function is also useful in QTE (Quick Time Events) games, where in many cases the same button is pressed fast.

Auto Button-

In fact, Turbo and Auto button can be called Brother brother. Work is the same type of job. Just hit the Auto button as you would like to activate the Turbo and press any other action button (1-12 any one) once. Now auto activate for that button. Hold auto activate on the button 1 button. 

Now if you do not press the button 1, you will grab the game. You are pressing button 1. If you want, you can keep the game pad handy. But the game will take you that you are going to the auto button 1 again and again. If you are pressing that button in the case of Artoat Turbo, but there is nothing to do with auto. Its use is similar to Turbo.

➡Clear Button -

 This button is used to deactivate Turbo and Auto. If you have a turbo or auto activate button on the earth and you want to deactivate it, pressing the Clear button in the same way presses the button once you want to deactivate Turbo / Auto. Then the button will become normal again as usual.


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