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Sunday, May 12, 2019

Fable :The Lost Chapters Full Game Review | Low End PC Games

Fable :The Lost Chapters Full Game Review | Low End PC Games


There are many things about other games, but today my favorite is that it will be about games, so the review is a bit larger than the previous reviews. Game name Fable That's just what I know PC games where arbitrarily placed

Fable the lost chapters game review

Fable the lost chapters game review

Fable the lost chapters game review

★ The game, though in the Action RPG genre, is still more comedy than Sirius's nickname (for example - kicking chickens in the sky)
Although there is an EXP like other RPGs, it does not directly level up,

 but the specific skill or stats point with certain EXP is to make the character more powerful. Exp has 4 kinds. There are no other complex game mechanisms (such as Crafting) or the long and boring game play in the other RPlet'

the most interesting aspect of the game is its social interactions, such as where you are happy with just pressing a button, you can just throw or ... .lol. Flirt, Disco Dance, Crotch Grab, there are many more interesting fun social interactions, due to which the game is so dear to me. There are also good or Bad choices. 

That means if you wish, you can choose villain with a bad choice or hero with a good choice. The game has a variety of Quest which is available by EXP and Money.

Note; There are many villages and towns where touts sleep, sell, sell, or even marry a girl or a boy (Gayle). While going to the brothel, the girls can be aunt, but I can not show anything, because I'm lucky. Moreover, there are also facilities for fishing in the game. 

Gorgias in the game's Combat System Simplus You have a Melee Weapon (i.e. Sword) and a Ranged Weapon (i.e. Bow). Attack, Block, Dodge can be done with Melee Weapon. 

There are also a few types of Magic Spells, commonly found as enemies. Goblins, Werewolf, Golem etc. Apart from the legendary Monster Bandits

ow let's come to the studio. The stereo is somewhat like a fancy duster. The mailer lived in Acta village with his sister and father. But one day in their village the robbers attacked and burned them. His father died in this. Mother and sister disappeared. 

Just then a guild leader saw him and took him to his guild, to train him to make a hero. From now on, the player is trained and turned into a hero. Now, his goal is to find out why he was attacked on his village and to find his missing mother and sister. There are some twists and authenticity in the studio. Since it's RPG, there's Side Story with many Side Quest as well as outside Main Stories.

Rafiscus does not have much to gain, so the old games and Low End PC Gamers can not play even in the high setting. But as the era is so accurate And there are a few funky type types to look for.
So you have RPG lover or RPG hater. If you do not like the typical RPG, then you can play a little different fun RPG.

Note 1 - 'The Lost Chapters' is actually an add-on for the main game 'Fable', which includes extra clutter Where the last boss Dragon 🐉

Note 2 - In order to take full enjoyment of the game, I think it should be played 2 times. Once the heroes are once again villains.

Note 3 - The Fable Anniversary Edition is called Remaster whose graphics are slightly upgraded. But I have heard that there are many bugs, so I will do the real thing.

Note 4 - Fable 2 has never been released on PC, it is Xbox special (available in Windows) but available on Fable 3 PC

Note 5 - There were many more games to be fable, but the game's developer Lionsgate Studios has been closed.

Note 6 - Ask for an Unlimited Money trick or Fast Level up trick for a game or knock me for other suggestions.

General Info -

Game - Fable the Lost Chapters
Developer - Lion Head Studios
Publisher - Microsoft Corporation
Series - Fable
Release Date - 2005
Genre - Action RPG

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