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Sunday, April 14, 2019

Area 51 The Game Review| Low End PC Games Review

Area 51 The Game Review| Low End PC Games Review


Area 51 name may be known to us so many. This is the most secretive military base in the United States. One of the world's most mysterious places. No common people know what kind of research is done here. And this area 51 is made up of 'Area 51', a first person shooting game


Area 51 The Game Review| Low End PC Games Review
According to Astori, the main character is a special high-skilled soldier. They are brought to Area 51 to handle an emergency situation. Their mission is to rescue the scientists located at Area 51. In order to fulfill that mission, their team encounters several mutants who have been designed to interfere with DNA of the villagers. But the mutants are too aggressive to see any people shivering. 

After some distance, the main character loses his whole team, now his goal is to get out of here as it is alive. Begins with a mutant but in the next stage, the soldiers of the Illuminati and the final stage have to fight with the villains called 'The Greys'. If the game story moves slightly, the main character itself becomes a mutant but in its case it can control the mutant status. Going through the Area 51, you will see many unusual things in the gamer and you will know, like - Moon Landing was a dramatic arrangement. The game is not something amazing from the story.
Area 51 The Game Review| Low End PC Games Review

Now come to the game play. The game is originally called First Person Shooting game but shooting is generic / simplistic. There is no extraordinary fiasco. Handgun, Shotgun, SMG and Frag Grenades are the first of its kind. SMG can be dual wield but can not be reloaded in this condition. At the next stage, the game will be Pulse Canon, Plasma Rifle and Gravity Grenade unlock which will be made in Alien Technologies. Plasma Rifle does not end in ammo due to it's more work. If you do not end up using a few minutes, then you will become a teacher.

 After a while in the game, the gamer will unlock the form. When the button is pressed he can become a mutant. In the mutant condition, he is able to attack the strongest melee, and also Parasite attack and Infect, which can be used to mutagen. Mutagen substance can be sprayed in different places of gamer. Though the shooting of the game is normal, the entirety game of mutants turned into unique aspects.
Area 51 The Game Review| Low End PC Games Review
➡Graphics are just fine according to the graphical era but I have some problems with optimization. With my setting down of G41, with 480p drop 40-50FPS in any place and then drop it to 9-12FPS in some place. But most of the time playboy FPS (like 20FPS)

➡If FPS is a lover and like playing games like Sci-Fi, see Area 51.

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