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Friday, April 19, 2019

The Amazing Spiderman ANDROID Review | Low End Mobile Games

Amazing Spiderman Mobile Version Review | Low End Mobile Games 


The names we know are a Super Hero Spiderman, and are based on the movie called Amazing Spiderman. And today's review of this game's Android version.


The Amazing Spiderman game is in action games after the Action Open World. Open World means a city or area to roam the open air. The player will be able to travel around the entire city in the form of a web swing as a player spider. Everybody will be able to climb up to the wall. Also, you can drag yourself to web zip in certain places. In the game there are many missions (total 25) in the form of any other Open World game. Go to a specific place to start the mission.

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 There is nothing more to say than the main story line movie. In addition to the main mission, there are some optional tasks in the game. Other tasks are Events. There are 4 types of events: If there is a war of thunder with police, then there are police officers, detection of the bombs fit by the terrorists, the injured in the car accident, and taking photographs through the specific target. Actually, these 4 types of events come together to play with a lot of bore, so I think it would be better to put a few more types.

Let's come to combat system. Combat system is fairly simple, kind of simple. The enemy has to go to combat mode by pressing an icon. Combat mode has 3 icons. Melee Attack, attack with Web Attacks, and Dodge icon (which can be avoided by enemy attacks). When attack icon is attacked by hand and various kinds of attacks. If you hold it down for a while, then attack an attack called Super Attack, which attacks all the enemies around them simultaneously.

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 Web attack can be used for remote attacks. And to attack the enemies, the dodge icon gets burnt, which will spider counter attack or doge if you press it within a certain time. In my opinion the combat system could be better done. Just keep the Melee attack. Light Attack and Heavy Attack or Punch and Kick would have been good, due to which various combo attacks could be possible. Also there is no chance to jump into the combat mode which was boring to me.

The Amazing Spiderman Android Review | Amazing Spiderman Mobile Version Review | TechyfyBD

The Amazing Spiderman Android Review | Amazing Spiderman Mobile Version Review | TechyfyBD

The Amazing Spiderman Android Review | Amazing Spiderman Mobile Version Review | TechyfyBD

Review is not the end. Some things remained the same. Many stupid and illogical things were found in the game. In such a mission, the OSCorp Building's computer is hacked by hackers, but the interesting thing is that the computer is not inside Building, it will be 150-200 inches on the wall outside the building and its screen which is completely absurd. It is more absurd to have a top-secret information on a computer with such a big computer as it is unrealistic. Besides, the password to hack the computer is to take away from the security of a security guard. Access to Top Secret information to the Security Guard is more absurd. In another mission, another Scientist was making a lizard without any laboratory on the roof of the house, and he had to avoid the harm of other lizard, which I thought was a laugh.

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However, the game is almost PC / Console quality without any illogical and stupid mission design.

data; Keep in Android / data. Playing the game for the first time will be keeper net after that will not be required. Means the game is full offline.

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