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Friday, March 29, 2019

Farcry 3 Low End PC Review| FC 3 Low End PC Games Review

Farcry 3 Low End PC Review| FC 3 Low End PC Games Review


Far Cry is the most popular of the series and many of them have the best games
Far Cry 3 Before starting the review I did not say that I finished playing FC 1 and 2 and then started playing Far Cry 3. So in my review FC3 will be compared to previous game FC 2 in many cases.


  • Game - Far Cry 3
  • Developer - Ubisoft Montreal
  • Publisher - Ubisoft
  • Series - Far Cry
  • Platforms - Windows, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4
  • Genres - Open World, First Person
  • Release - November 29, 2012
Farcry 3 Low End PC Review

First of all, in the studio Storytelling, our main character, Jason Brody, came with his two brothers and friends on a trip to Rook Island. But unfortunately, these bipedes were the junkyard shelter. They are all caught by them. Jason and brother's elder brother tried to flee from them when Vaas died in the hands of a pirate leader and his brother fled to Jason. He later started working with residents of the island called Rakyat to find his friend and younger brother and return them home.

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Farcry 3 Low End PC Review

Story is more interesting than Far Cry 2, because Far Cry 2 had very little involvement with the main character in the story. He used to do what he had been asked to earn money. But the FC 3 has come to personalize the story of the whole family. This makes it more attractive to the player.

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I got the most fun playing the FC 3 game . The player is not easy to blame so many ways can be used to do everything about killing the enemy, hunting, grab the camp etc. Crafting has been added as a new fixture. The leaves of syringes and animal skin can be made with different types of bags or bags. Besides, the biggest variation in the game is the addition of RPG elements. As an RPG element, XP based level up and skill unlock system are added. But many of the gameplay seem to have been taken from the Assassin's Creed games. Such as Loot Boxes, Radio Towers, Stealth Takedowns, Enemy Detection Markers etc. But the good fitters have been taken. In all, its gameplay from FC 2 seems very interesting and fun.

Although there were some animals in FC 2, they did not have any purpose. There was no hinge aggressive animals. Arthat Wildlife was just for show. But the importance of wildlife is given to FC3. They were given a purpose to hunt and also included animal meat.

FC3's unique fisheries hall is a green energy ecosystem. Not only that, the mountains of mountainous mountains and blue sea games made the environment more palatable. Personally like the setting of the FC 2's green enchanting environment, Felix's green decoration looks more like FC3's Energetic Environment.

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In most cases, FC 3 is better than its predecessor, but has gone backward in one direction and it is the realization. FC 2 was the most realistic and high level of detail game of the era. A lot of attention was paid to minor issues. Coming down to FC 3 it decreases a lot. FC 2 An inspection of the hand while opening a box or lifting arms and ammunition, could make the game feel more immersive. In FC 3, there are only some cases of animated animations. Moreover, in my opinion, the most unrealistic aspect of FC 3 is that after killing the animal, after looking at her body, she could not see any change in Arthat's skin.

Ultimately, the FC 2 errors have proven that Ubisoft's education has improved the series, with FC 3 being found. But I think the best side of FC 2 was not good to exclude Arthat's 'level af detail'.

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