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Monday, February 25, 2019

60+ High Quality Android Games For Low End Mobiles| Best Games For Low End Android Devices|

60+ High Quality Android Games For Low End Mobiles

 Best Games For Low End Android Devices:

Many people think after reading new rules all Android games are banned but that's the wrong idea. High quality Android games are good quality posts. Again many people see what high quality Android games do not know, so I posted this with a few examples. There are many more games out there. This list is a game suggestion and so on

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Android Games List:

[Shooting] -

  • FPS (First Person Shooter) -

1.Modern Combat 1-5
2.Call Of Duty Strike Team
3.Dead Effect - 1,2
4.Dead Trigger - 1,2
6.Critical Ops

  • TPS (Third Person Shooter) -

1.Max Payne 1
2.Shadowgun - 1, Deadzone
3.Epoch - 1,2

  • [RPG] (Role Playing) -

1.Implosion Never Lose Hope
2.The Wold Ends With You
4.Secret Of Mana
5.Ravensword Shadow lands
6.Neo Monsters (Monster Capture RPG)
7.Adventures Of Mana
8.Eternium Mage and Minions (Dungeon Crawler RPG)

  • [Open World] -

1.GTA-3, Vice City, San Andreas, Liberty City Stories
2.Gangster - Rio, Vegas
4.Galaxy on Fire - 1,2 (Space Shooter
5.Amazing Spiderman - 1,2

  • [Hack and Slash / Hardcore Action] -

1.Godfire Rise Of Prometheus

  • [Racing]-

1. Asphalt - Nitro, 7, 8
2.Riptide GP - 1, 2, Renegade
3.Re Volt
4.Real Racing - 2,3
5.Gear Club
6.Need For Speed ​​- Most Wanted, No Limits

  • [Action Adventure]-

1.Tomb Raider 1,2
2.Ocean horn
4.Oddworld Munch's Odyssey
5.Oddworld Strangers Wrath (Action Adventure FPS)
6.The Dark Knight

  • [Adventure]-

1.Lost Echo
3.The Walking Dead Telltale - Season 1-3
4.Batman Telltale series
5.Minecraft Story Mode by Telltale
6.Brothers A Tale of Two Sons
7.Game of Thrones Telltale
8.Tales of Borderlands Telltale

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  • [Fighting / Brawler]-

1.Injustice Gods Among Us 1,2
2.Shadowfight 1-3
3.King of Fighters
4.Mortal Kombat X.

  • [Battle Royal/PUBG Type]-

1.Free Fire
2.Knives Out
3.Survival Royale

  • [Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA)]-

2.Heroes Evolved
3.Mobile Legends
4.Arena of Valor
5.Heroes Arena

  • [Sports]-

1.FIFA 12,14,15,16, mobile etc.
2.PES 18
3.Virtua Tennis
4.NBA 2K 18 etc

  • [Platformer]-

2.Leos Fortune

  • [Sandbox]-


BDR - Again, I'm just a few examples of this, just outside of this there are many high quality Android Games

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