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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Shadowgun PC Game Review। Best Low End PC Games Reviews

Shadowgun PC Game Review
Best Low End PC Games Reviews 


⇀ Low End PC Games / Console quality game available on Android is difficult and can be seen even though the Low End PC Games / Console quality graphics or gameplay can be found to be filled with IAP / Pay to Win.

 So today, we will talk about a Third Person Shooting game with graphics and gameplay pc as Low End PC / Console quality but no IAP or Pay 2 win.

Shadowgun PC
ShadowGun LowEndPCGames Review

⇨ Game name Shadowgun.

The setting of the game is in the future where many of the many Toltech companies, such as Toltech, control many of the technology of Galaxy. Under them, a doctor named Doctor Simon escaped with a top secret research. And to catch him, a Shadowgun named John was screwed. 

Shadowgun is a type of veteran warrior who works for big companies rather than money. And the gamer will now play with the character of John, whose mission is to rescue Doctor Simon alive. But not everything is always planned. John has to deal with various mutants made by the crazy scientist's genetic research and from now on the games begin.

↹ Gameplay Review:↹

Shadowgun PC

⇝Let's play the gameplay. 

The gameplay is Cover and Shoot, which means that there will be small walls in the front of the gamer that will cover them from the enemy's bullets. And in the middle of the cover, they will have to shoot from the cover. 

In addition to shooting, dodge can be rolled in the game but I do not think there is any special advantage. There are 4 types in the game Weapon - Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Grenade Launcher and Rocket Launcher. That means there is no extraordinary or unique ship. However, 

in the level of Expansion pack, Plasma Gun is unlocked. Enemies have a few types. Initially, there is a general mutant, then the Teleport Mutant arrives which can suddenly disappear and move to another place. There are also some mutants in the pavilions who have to beat with Grenade or Rocket. 

There are 10 levels in the original game. There are a few mini-bosses at the level and the main boss at the last level. Boss  is fairly fun. Moreover, in the game, some of the Talaband Wyappen boxes are available which can be opened by hacking with a small minigame. So, the gameplay is very good.

Shadowgun PC

⇥ There is no shortage of graphics in the same way as the 2007-2008 Low End PC Games / Console games, but it does not turn out to be a bother to talk to me.

⇹ The size of the game is only 300 MB so gameplay time too short. It is possible to finish the whole game within a few hours. But beyond the main 10 level, Expansion Pack has 4 additional layers, which starts from where the 10th level ends. It's a fairly high-quality, fairly high quality game.

Play at the Play Store (pay with money) but you will get the free game on Revdl or Rexdl website.

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