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Sunday, January 17, 2021

5 Best Gaming Chair Price In BD, Gaming Chair Bangladesh Reviews

January 17, 2021 0
5 Best Gaming Chair Price In BD, Gaming Chair Bangladesh Reviews

 Best Gaming Chair In Bangladesh 
Gaming Chair Price In BD

Best gaming chair price in Bangladesh? Yeah you read it right. I'm here for you to give top five list of Gaming Chair price In Bangladesh with price tag.

In this post, I'm going to give you a list of Best Gaming Chair in Bangladesh and Gaming Chair price in Bangladesh. Here we go.


Gaming Chair Price In BD



Price : 15,500৳


Gaming Chair Price In BD


  1.  Chair Weight: 19kg
  2.  Backrest Width: 57cm
  3.  Backrest Adjustment Angle: Up to 180°
  4.  Supported Weight: 150KG

Price: 22,000


Gaming Chair Price In BD


Chicane (Matt Black, 2D Armrests, Butterfly Mechanism, Class 4 Gas Lift, 65mm Casters, Headrest & Lumbar Pillow):EN42432



Gaming Chair Price In BD


● Adjustable Degree : 90-180 degrees

● Max Weight Supported : 264.55 lbs.

● Armrests Included

● Wheels : 5

● Back Height : 32.67"

● Shoulder Width : 21.65"

● Seat Width : 20.86"

● Total Weight : 46.30 lbs.

Price: 24,000৳

5. FANTECH Alpha GC-185X Gaming Chair

Gaming Chair Price In BD


  •    Leather Head
  •    Lumbar Back Rest
  •    Comfortable Arm Rest
  •    Strong Steel base
  •    Smooth Casters
  •    Class 4 Hydraulic Pistons
  •    Breathable Luxury Chair
  •    Weight : 25.5 kg
  •    Dimensions : 70 × 37 × 87 cm
Price: 13,500

Monday, January 4, 2021

Download Zombie Catchers MOD APK (Unlimited Money) For Android 100% Working

January 04, 2021 0
Download Zombie Catchers MOD APK (Unlimited Money) For Android 100% Working

 Download Zombie Catchers MOD APK (Unlimited Money) For Android
 100% Working

Zombie Catchers MOD APK

Zombie Catcher MOD APK:

Zombie Catchers MOD APK is an easygoing activity experience game in an advanced world perplexed by a zombie intrusion! Planet Earth is plagued with the undead. However, we're in karma! A.J. furthermore, Bud, two intergalactic financial specialists, have chosen to assemble a business domain! They intend to chase all the zombies and make Earth safe again - while likewise making an attractive benefit selling Zombie juice. 

Stroll through the undead no man's land where not plants can endure, tasting on heavenly Zombie shakes between one chase and the following.

Developed By - DECA GAMES

About The MOD:

In this zombie catcher mod, you will get unlimited gold and unlimited diamond. This APK is 100% working and you can download Zombie Catcher MOD APK and play it after installing in your android phone.

Game Info: 

You can run this android game in most of the android device above Android Version 4.4!
This game will run in any device which contains 1GB of ram.

Game Size:

MOD Size - 67.01 MB
Installs:  50 000 000+
Rated for 7+ years

MOD Features: 

  • All Weapons Unlocked.
  • All Levels are Unlocked.
  • Unlimited Gold Money.
  • Unlimited Diamond.
  • Unlimited Cash.
  • Unlimited Plutonium. 
  • Offline Play.
  • Fully Secure.

How To Download:

Download The APK File And follow next steps.

First you have to download the apk File of Zombie Catcher.(Link Down Below)
Zombie Catchers MOD APK

Then Simply you just have to Install the APK file from the download dictionary . Its more link plug and play. Install and start Playing.

More About Zombie Catchers:

First released in October 30, 2014. Zombie Catcher MOD APK is a fully free to play game and this version is Zombie Catchers MOD APK with unlimited money for android. Zombie Catchers is totally allowed to play, however the game additionally permits you to buy a few things for genuine cash. On the off chance that you don't wish to utilize this element, change your gadget's settings and cripple in-application buys. Zombie Catchers is took into consideration download and play just for people 13 years old or over. If it's not too much trouble allude to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for more data.

Zombie Catchers game genre is action. The developers had created an atmosphere in this game about zombie hunting .We all wonder what will happened if our mother is surrounded by zombies. The developers had developed the game keeping the fact in mind. They made an idea about what if We could use the Zombies for our food. And they developed the game keeping the thought in mind.

The moral of the game is there is some people who catch zombies and use them for making various kind of foods. And the developers had added many levels where you can find new zombies after completing many adventurous mission. They have added many weapons and size weapon which is very interesting . you can upgrade your weapon and side weapon by simply selling the zombie foods and upgrading the weapon will increase weapon damage. 

The zombies are also interesting, Some Zombies are fast , some zombies will attack you , some will run fast and many more. They can smell brains and brains are their favorite food. You have to throw brains to attract them.

Zombie Catchers MOD APK

New Update:

In the new update, they have added some skins about Winter season and the update is mainly for winter season.

Features of Zombie Catchers:

Android gaming application issues, at last exhausting due to the steady utilization of new fixings to upgrade a cutting edge among the clients. The engineers that make this game are not in this class, and that is the reason they can be covered up in the center of the cool device game to guarantee what will be opened by the client. Every weapon has its own exceptional capacities and will help in its own novel manner. To all who incline toward brisk and accumulated the best player out there. 

Notwithstanding the adulation of the rundown, the shrouded conditions of the interactivity the game was made accessible as expected for the play to be placed in a great deal of clients. This guarantees that each time something new to the client that he/she isn't enticed to attempt the game. Client test from every territory is planned explicitly to give a specific expertise. In the event that you need, you should hit all carried difficulties to turn into the best player out there, are sent their direction. 

Shockingly, the game reasoning evil undead zombies are going to get all off-base. Since the presentation of the idea of their endeavors can escape mixtures and weapons producer, to make the best gaming experience underground lab, where players do research and request. As it were. Before you broaden as well as can be expected likewise increment and expand their research facility. 

The game permits you to get such countless zombies, how to utilize weapons just from the earliest starting point to the business domain and it is a delicious and broken nourishment for clients to trade for cash. All you need to bring in a great deal of cash to seize the young men and attempts to develop his business realm. 

The game is totally liberated from energizing ongoing interaction and framework costs and can be gotten to by any individual who is 12 years old or more seasoned, however the maker offers a full supplement of a portion of the momentum interactivity highlights, it is as yet an intriguing sensible substitution. These extra highlights can be bought for a little charge in return for the client. In the event that you need an inside and out gaming experience, go to the additional items. Yet, regardless of whether you can not debilitate interest.

Download Now

Zombie Trapper player's principle task is to help Andrew. Bud and catch however many zombies as could reasonably be expected to build up their business. To do this, you need to push ahead in various nations. At first, the zombies to get his character is furnished with a spear. Gun firing snares so you can get the zombies from a good ways. 

Assortment Zombie Trapper Zombies have their own qualities. Some of you are prepared to assault the assaulting beasts. Some are extremely bashful. They regularly conceal where you difficult to arrive at places. To get them from a haven, you should utilize the brain as lure. Zombies are frequently delicate to clamor. It doesn't see the tone. So in the event that you need to maintain a strategic distance from them or to try not to alarm shroud catchment region behind the stones and stumps. 

Change Money Zombie Trapper Zombie Trapper Careful mod Always.

Monday, December 7, 2020

Buy PUBG UC from Midasbuy ! Midasbuy PUBG INDIA

December 07, 2020 3
Buy PUBG UC from Midasbuy ! Midasbuy PUBG INDIA

 Buy UC from Midasbuy!


Hello fellas, you want to buy some PUBG UC from Midasbuy? Here I am for you to guide how to Buy UC from Midasbuy! After this short tutorial you can easily buy your desired UC form Midasbuy official website.

Actually the process has features such as to fascinate transactions. You can follow the below steps with me. First, give me some of your precious time to explain about the website!

What is Midasbuy?

Midasbuy is an online platform where you can buy many famous online game credits like PUBG,CODM. This online company offers you some extra rewards if you purchase credits from them and sometimes the rewards are huge. 

And the website is mainly popular for their extra reward offers in PUBG UC. And the biggest expedient is they provide more than 100 payment methods.

Why should we use Midasbuy?

The big concern is that this online website is fully trusted, they have Zero scam record and you can use their service with zero percent of trust issues. Now lets get back to the main point! How to buy game credits from Midasbuy?

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How to buy Game Credits from Midasbuy?

Now I'm going to guide you on how to buy PUBG UC and CODM Credits from the website! Lets go step by step.

  1. First you have to go to the Official website. For this, you can simply cilck here or you can manually go to their website by searching Midasbuy in google search engine.

  1. After opening Midasbuy website, you will get an interface like this.

  1. Then our purchasing begins, You have to click on ‘’Top Up’’ button from ‘’Unknown Cash UC’’ .


Note: You can create an account in Midasbuy but its optional.

  1. After this, you have to put your PUBG Player ID and you have to confirm your payment gateway which payment gateway you are using


  1. After confirming,you have to select how much UC/Credit you want to buy, you can select one manually depending on your choice.

  1. When the selection is complete ,you have to click ‘’Pay Now’’!

  1. After clicking on ‘’Pay Now’’ it will redirect you to your payment gateway confirmation page. In my case I'm paying with ‘’Card’’. In your case , it can be different by your choice,

  1. Then you have to fill your payment gateway information.


After filling up, you have to press Pay now button.

8. And you are done, it will take a while to transfer UC to your account.

How to claim the UC/Credit:

Your game credits/UC will be automatically added after some minutes. Or you can check your In Game Mailbox, Inbox. There will be a message like this.


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Basically this is the simplest way to buy PUBG UC/CODM credits online with trustworthy providers. And the specialty of Midasbuy is, they provide some cheap rate UC offers and many other fair offers. You can save your money by purchasing your credit from Midasbuy, Sometimes they send some extra UC for you as a gift.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Shank The Game Review | Low End PC Games Review

July 23, 2019 0
Shank The Game Review | Low End PC Games Review

Shank The Game Review | Low End PC Games Review

Hello Low End PC Gamer Brothers, I am back after a long time. Why did I have so many days to think that I was not giving a new review? Actually, I was addicted to Facebook, and so much of the addiction to the gaming went away.

Facebook operated for more than the time I used to do gaming or other work, so Facebook typically took a break for a few days from the review. However, during this break, some games were noticed by the Alp Alps. I gave a review of one of them.
The name of the game is Shank

General Info -

Game - Shank
Developer - Klei Entertainment
Publisher - Electronic Arts
Platform - Windows, Linux, Mac, OS X, PS3, Xbox 360
Release - October 26, 2010 (Windows)
Genre - Side Scrolling Brawler / Beat 'em up

➡That can be seen in Shank's stairway. The Story is a Revenge Story which is known to be very popular. The member of the Unity Gang that Shank is the main character of Story. One day, some members of the gang leader kidnapped Shank's lover and killed Shank, leaving his house furious.

They took hold of Shank that seemed in the fire. But Shank returns to live and prepares for retaliation. According to the story, one group of gangs will have to kill those members and in the end, the gang will have to kill the drug Caesar. It means that the story is very simple and super-type. There is no Twisto in full story.

Shank  Game

Shank  Game

➡Time talk about gameplay. Gameplata is full of additional action and blood circulation. There are three kinds of attacks with three types of buttons. 1.Matty Light Melee 2nd.Heavy Melee and last Firearm / Gun. Light Melee's arms are unstable but in the first place in Heavy Melee, Dual Machete, Katana and Chains are unlocked after Chainsaw. Shotgun n and Uzi unlock after Piston first is in the form of Guns. Grenade can also be stored in a limited amount.

Shank The Game Review

Besides, Enemy is caught on the grab and the enemy. There is also Block and Dodge as Defense moves. Initially, understanding of the controls could be a problem. Shank's combat machine but later became repetitive in the game because there are no new moves or combos unlocked. At the beginning of the game all combo is to go to the end. There are also some levels of the game, more repeatable.

But boss fights are very different and fun. Another bad aspect of non-responsive controls in the game. Controls do not always work in soft. It can not be blocked on a number of times, which can be boring at one go.

The best aspect of the game is probably its graphic. One of the best songs I have seen as a 2D cartoon graphics, Animation and a lot better. Graphics have been quite stylish and artistic.

Shank PC Game is one of my best 2D Action games. The real thing is that the game is short but really fun to play.

Note - The game has a local offline co-op multiplayer mode, where two players can play on the same PC. But the levels of multiplayer mode and single player mode are different.

➡️Minumum Sys Req-

OS: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 running at 1.7 GHz or Greater; Athlon 64 running at 1.7GHz or more with support for SSE2 instructions
Memory: 1 GB of ram, 1.5 GB (Vista and Windows 7) GB RAM
Graphics: ATI Radeon X1800 GTO 256MB and the Nvidia GeForce 6800 Ultra 256MB cards
DirectX®: 9.0
Hard Drive: 2 GB HD space

Thursday, June 20, 2019

To The Moon PC Game Review | Low End PC Games Review

June 20, 2019 0
To The Moon PC Game Review | Low End PC Games Review

To The Moon PC Game Review | Low End PC Games Review  


Let's talk about a lot of 3D games. Let's see a 2D game. There are many people who think the 2D game means kids of punk kids. They just do not play it because they just look at the graphics. But the real thing is that these thoughts are actually subdued and closed-ended. Everybody has requested a little open minded. Well, let's go to the original review without raising the word.

➡The name of the game Too the Moon is a Story based 16bit 2D game. The story of the game is in the near future, where a company called Sigmund Corp invented an instrument that can be converted into a human memory. Now they use this technology to fill the memory of dead patients and complete their last wish by changing it. Now the gamer will have to control 2 employees of that company. To fulfill the last wish of those who came to Johnny, a humble person's house.

They decided in the last remembrance of the lawful principles and asked for his last wish. Johnny said his last wish is to go to the moon but if you know what to do then you will have to play the game.

Your two employees in the game will have to go back to their past by releasing various events and mysteries from the oldest memories of Johnny, in this way, the whole life story of the gamer Johnny and his relationship with his late wife River will be known to all. The game is a game of many emoticons. My life is a game of primitive game that makes me cry so much

➡➡Game play is as simple as 6-7 puzzles that can be solved with little effort. The rest of the time you have to interact with various things in Johnny's memory and take the store forward. Not Game play or Graphics. If you are stereo like me and want to taste a stellar and emotional story, then this game is for you.

To The Moon PC Game Review | Low End PC Games Review

To The Moon PC Game Review | Low End PC Games Review

➡️Awards -

Metacritic - Best User Rated Game
RPG fan - Best Indie RPG
Gamespot - Best Story

➡️General info-

Developers - Freebird Games
Publishers - Freebird Games, X.D Network (Android)
Engine - RPG Maker XP (PC), Unity (Android)
Platform - Windows, Android
Release Date - November 1, 2011
Genre - Adventure Story Game, Puzzle

Friday, May 24, 2019

Halo 2001 PC Game Review | Low End PC Games Review

May 24, 2019 2
Halo 2001 PC Game Review | Low End PC Games Review

Halo 2001 PC Game Review | Low End PC Games Review


Today will be my favorite FPS game.
Game name is Halo Combat Evolved. This is a sci-fi type FPS game. This is one of the best and the best games in all the fight with the Alien. The main character of the game is the mysterious Master Chief whose appearance is never shown. And as a companion, it is a synthetic intelligence called kotana.


 The story of the whole game in the whole of the house occurs in a ring called hello. But at some level the alien spacecraft took the position. In the game there are various types of weapons made of human and alien. There are also various usable land and aircraft in the game. An interesting sci-fi makes the game more fun.



★ Game - Halo Combat Evolved
★ Developer - Bungie
★ Publisher - Microsoft Game Studios
★ Series - Halo
★ Release Date - November 15, 2001
★ Genre - First Person Shooter

→ Minimum system requirements

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows Second Edition, Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition (Me), Microsoft Windows 2000, or Microsoft Windows XP.

Computer / Processor: 733 megahertz (MHz) processor.

DirectX: DirectX® 9.0 or later. (DirectX 9.0b is installed by Halo.)

Memory: 128 megabytes (MB) of RAM.

Hard Disk: 1.2 gigabytes (GB) of free hard disk space

Video card: 32 MB with 3D Transform and Lighting enabled

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Fable :The Lost Chapters Full Game Review | Low End PC Games

May 12, 2019 0
Fable :The Lost Chapters Full Game Review | Low End PC Games

Fable :The Lost Chapters Full Game Review | Low End PC Games


There are many things about other games, but today my favorite is that it will be about games, so the review is a bit larger than the previous reviews. Game name Fable That's just what I know PC games where arbitrarily placed

Fable the lost chapters game review

Fable the lost chapters game review

Fable the lost chapters game review

★ The game, though in the Action RPG genre, is still more comedy than Sirius's nickname (for example - kicking chickens in the sky)
Although there is an EXP like other RPGs, it does not directly level up,

 but the specific skill or stats point with certain EXP is to make the character more powerful. Exp has 4 kinds. There are no other complex game mechanisms (such as Crafting) or the long and boring game play in the other RPlet'

the most interesting aspect of the game is its social interactions, such as where you are happy with just pressing a button, you can just throw or ... .lol. Flirt, Disco Dance, Crotch Grab, there are many more interesting fun social interactions, due to which the game is so dear to me. There are also good or Bad choices. 

That means if you wish, you can choose villain with a bad choice or hero with a good choice. The game has a variety of Quest which is available by EXP and Money.

Note; There are many villages and towns where touts sleep, sell, sell, or even marry a girl or a boy (Gayle). While going to the brothel, the girls can be aunt, but I can not show anything, because I'm lucky. Moreover, there are also facilities for fishing in the game. 

Gorgias in the game's Combat System Simplus You have a Melee Weapon (i.e. Sword) and a Ranged Weapon (i.e. Bow). Attack, Block, Dodge can be done with Melee Weapon. 

There are also a few types of Magic Spells, commonly found as enemies. Goblins, Werewolf, Golem etc. Apart from the legendary Monster Bandits

ow let's come to the studio. The stereo is somewhat like a fancy duster. The mailer lived in Acta village with his sister and father. But one day in their village the robbers attacked and burned them. His father died in this. Mother and sister disappeared. 

Just then a guild leader saw him and took him to his guild, to train him to make a hero. From now on, the player is trained and turned into a hero. Now, his goal is to find out why he was attacked on his village and to find his missing mother and sister. There are some twists and authenticity in the studio. Since it's RPG, there's Side Story with many Side Quest as well as outside Main Stories.

Rafiscus does not have much to gain, so the old games and Low End PC Gamers can not play even in the high setting. But as the era is so accurate And there are a few funky type types to look for.
So you have RPG lover or RPG hater. If you do not like the typical RPG, then you can play a little different fun RPG.

Note 1 - 'The Lost Chapters' is actually an add-on for the main game 'Fable', which includes extra clutter Where the last boss Dragon 🐉

Note 2 - In order to take full enjoyment of the game, I think it should be played 2 times. Once the heroes are once again villains.

Note 3 - The Fable Anniversary Edition is called Remaster whose graphics are slightly upgraded. But I have heard that there are many bugs, so I will do the real thing.

Note 4 - Fable 2 has never been released on PC, it is Xbox special (available in Windows) but available on Fable 3 PC

Note 5 - There were many more games to be fable, but the game's developer Lionsgate Studios has been closed.

Note 6 - Ask for an Unlimited Money trick or Fast Level up trick for a game or knock me for other suggestions.

General Info -

Game - Fable the Lost Chapters
Developer - Lion Head Studios
Publisher - Microsoft Corporation
Series - Fable
Release Date - 2005
Genre - Action RPG

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

What is the function of Gamepad's Extra buttons (Mode, Turbo, Auto, Clear)? Game Pad Extra Button Function|

May 01, 2019 2
What is the function of Gamepad's Extra buttons (Mode, Turbo, Auto, Clear)? Game Pad Extra Button Function|

What is the function of Gamepad's Extra buttons (Mode, Turbo, Auto, Clear)?

Today's topic - 

What is the function of Game pad's Extra buttons (Mode, Turbo, Auto, Clear)?

We are many who do not buy the expensive brand's game pad, the cheap Chinese 300-600 game pad use. In these game pads, there are also some additional buttons in addition to the action buttons and analog sticks that have no direct action in the game.

 Generally, there are 4 extra buttons that are seen - 1.Mode 2.Turbo 3.Auto 4.Clear There are many who are unaware of their work. So today's post will be discussed about their work and use, although I did post it before long, but it has been lost in time.

➡Mode Button -

 The most common button mode is that all the games pad means the price of the brand or the chunky Chinese can be seen in all areas. When pressed by pressing this button, a red-colored lamp is lit on the game pad. In this red light flame, two analog stick and D-pad and 1-4 action buttons of the game pad will take different inputs. 

This is the normal position of the game pad. Many times, after seeing the new game pad, analog sticks are not working properly, because the common reason is that the mode button is not on.

 If the mode is off, then D-pad will work as left analog stick, pressing Arctic D-pad's up button, the game will think that the left analog stick is drawn upwards, same way D-pad at right, left and down By pressing the button, the left analog stick takes input as the right, left and bottom.

 At the same time, the right analog stick will work as a button 1-4. Arithmetic mode off, if you take the right stick upwards then the game will think you are pressing button 1 above. In the same way, on the right and left, the button works as 2,3,4 as well.

Now, where is the use of it? For example, in most of God's War, Kratos's movement is controlled by using the left stick, but there are some sophisticated places where precise platforming needs to be made slightly wrong after Kratos.

 In those cases, actually the D-pad is more effective than the analog stick. If the mode is off, then it is possible to invite Kratos's movement with D-pad, and these places can be easily crossed.
Gamepad's Extra buttons

➡Turbo Button - 

This button is seen more in Chinese Chinese game pad. Turbo Button does not actually have any work directly in the game, its work is indirect. Press the Turbo button and press any one of the action buttons (1-12 any) once, then release the Turbo button. Hold down the button 1 button.

 Now the Turbo activate for your Button 1 has been activated. Now if you hold down button 1, the game will think that you are pressing the button 1 times. If you hold down any button activated by Arthat Turbo, then pressing it repeatedly.

Now the question is where is its use field?

In fact there are multiple use cases. First of all, let's say with caution - the Devil May Cry has to keep pressing the button repeatedly for pistols to fire again because the button 1 presses the pressure and the pistol gets shot again and again. Pressing repeatedly causes the finger to be hurt, and the button quickly gets destroyed.

 In this case, if you activate Turbo for that button 1, you can always press and hold down button 1 again, then the game will remember that you are repeatedly pressing button 1 and the pistols will continue to shoot. This Turbo Function is also useful in QTE (Quick Time Events) games, where in many cases the same button is pressed fast.

Auto Button-

In fact, Turbo and Auto button can be called Brother brother. Work is the same type of job. Just hit the Auto button as you would like to activate the Turbo and press any other action button (1-12 any one) once. Now auto activate for that button. Hold auto activate on the button 1 button. 

Now if you do not press the button 1, you will grab the game. You are pressing button 1. If you want, you can keep the game pad handy. But the game will take you that you are going to the auto button 1 again and again. If you are pressing that button in the case of Artoat Turbo, but there is nothing to do with auto. Its use is similar to Turbo.

➡Clear Button -

 This button is used to deactivate Turbo and Auto. If you have a turbo or auto activate button on the earth and you want to deactivate it, pressing the Clear button in the same way presses the button once you want to deactivate Turbo / Auto. Then the button will become normal again as usual.

Friday, April 19, 2019

The Amazing Spiderman ANDROID Review | Low End Mobile Games

April 19, 2019 0
The Amazing Spiderman ANDROID Review | Low End Mobile Games

Amazing Spiderman Mobile Version Review | Low End Mobile Games 


The names we know are a Super Hero Spiderman, and are based on the movie called Amazing Spiderman. And today's review of this game's Android version.


The Amazing Spiderman game is in action games after the Action Open World. Open World means a city or area to roam the open air. The player will be able to travel around the entire city in the form of a web swing as a player spider. Everybody will be able to climb up to the wall. Also, you can drag yourself to web zip in certain places. In the game there are many missions (total 25) in the form of any other Open World game. Go to a specific place to start the mission.

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 There is nothing more to say than the main story line movie. In addition to the main mission, there are some optional tasks in the game. Other tasks are Events. There are 4 types of events: If there is a war of thunder with police, then there are police officers, detection of the bombs fit by the terrorists, the injured in the car accident, and taking photographs through the specific target. Actually, these 4 types of events come together to play with a lot of bore, so I think it would be better to put a few more types.

Let's come to combat system. Combat system is fairly simple, kind of simple. The enemy has to go to combat mode by pressing an icon. Combat mode has 3 icons. Melee Attack, attack with Web Attacks, and Dodge icon (which can be avoided by enemy attacks). When attack icon is attacked by hand and various kinds of attacks. If you hold it down for a while, then attack an attack called Super Attack, which attacks all the enemies around them simultaneously.

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 Web attack can be used for remote attacks. And to attack the enemies, the dodge icon gets burnt, which will spider counter attack or doge if you press it within a certain time. In my opinion the combat system could be better done. Just keep the Melee attack. Light Attack and Heavy Attack or Punch and Kick would have been good, due to which various combo attacks could be possible. Also there is no chance to jump into the combat mode which was boring to me.

The Amazing Spiderman Android Review | Amazing Spiderman Mobile Version Review | TechyfyBD

The Amazing Spiderman Android Review | Amazing Spiderman Mobile Version Review | TechyfyBD

The Amazing Spiderman Android Review | Amazing Spiderman Mobile Version Review | TechyfyBD

Review is not the end. Some things remained the same. Many stupid and illogical things were found in the game. In such a mission, the OSCorp Building's computer is hacked by hackers, but the interesting thing is that the computer is not inside Building, it will be 150-200 inches on the wall outside the building and its screen which is completely absurd. It is more absurd to have a top-secret information on a computer with such a big computer as it is unrealistic. Besides, the password to hack the computer is to take away from the security of a security guard. Access to Top Secret information to the Security Guard is more absurd. In another mission, another Scientist was making a lizard without any laboratory on the roof of the house, and he had to avoid the harm of other lizard, which I thought was a laugh.

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However, the game is almost PC / Console quality without any illogical and stupid mission design.

data; Keep in Android / data. Playing the game for the first time will be keeper net after that will not be required. Means the game is full offline.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Area 51 The Game Review| Low End PC Games Review

April 14, 2019 0
Area 51 The Game Review| Low End PC Games Review

Area 51 The Game Review| Low End PC Games Review


Area 51 name may be known to us so many. This is the most secretive military base in the United States. One of the world's most mysterious places. No common people know what kind of research is done here. And this area 51 is made up of 'Area 51', a first person shooting game


Area 51 The Game Review| Low End PC Games Review
According to Astori, the main character is a special high-skilled soldier. They are brought to Area 51 to handle an emergency situation. Their mission is to rescue the scientists located at Area 51. In order to fulfill that mission, their team encounters several mutants who have been designed to interfere with DNA of the villagers. But the mutants are too aggressive to see any people shivering. 

After some distance, the main character loses his whole team, now his goal is to get out of here as it is alive. Begins with a mutant but in the next stage, the soldiers of the Illuminati and the final stage have to fight with the villains called 'The Greys'. If the game story moves slightly, the main character itself becomes a mutant but in its case it can control the mutant status. Going through the Area 51, you will see many unusual things in the gamer and you will know, like - Moon Landing was a dramatic arrangement. The game is not something amazing from the story.
Area 51 The Game Review| Low End PC Games Review

Now come to the game play. The game is originally called First Person Shooting game but shooting is generic / simplistic. There is no extraordinary fiasco. Handgun, Shotgun, SMG and Frag Grenades are the first of its kind. SMG can be dual wield but can not be reloaded in this condition. At the next stage, the game will be Pulse Canon, Plasma Rifle and Gravity Grenade unlock which will be made in Alien Technologies. Plasma Rifle does not end in ammo due to it's more work. If you do not end up using a few minutes, then you will become a teacher.

 After a while in the game, the gamer will unlock the form. When the button is pressed he can become a mutant. In the mutant condition, he is able to attack the strongest melee, and also Parasite attack and Infect, which can be used to mutagen. Mutagen substance can be sprayed in different places of gamer. Though the shooting of the game is normal, the entirety game of mutants turned into unique aspects.
Area 51 The Game Review| Low End PC Games Review
➡Graphics are just fine according to the graphical era but I have some problems with optimization. With my setting down of G41, with 480p drop 40-50FPS in any place and then drop it to 9-12FPS in some place. But most of the time playboy FPS (like 20FPS)

➡If FPS is a lover and like playing games like Sci-Fi, see Area 51.

Friday, March 29, 2019

Farcry 3 Low End PC Review| FC 3 Low End PC Games Review

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Farcry 3 Low End PC Review| FC 3 Low End PC Games Review

Farcry 3 Low End PC Review| FC 3 Low End PC Games Review


Far Cry is the most popular of the series and many of them have the best games
Far Cry 3 Before starting the review I did not say that I finished playing FC 1 and 2 and then started playing Far Cry 3. So in my review FC3 will be compared to previous game FC 2 in many cases.


  • Game - Far Cry 3
  • Developer - Ubisoft Montreal
  • Publisher - Ubisoft
  • Series - Far Cry
  • Platforms - Windows, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4
  • Genres - Open World, First Person
  • Release - November 29, 2012
Farcry 3 Low End PC Review

First of all, in the studio Storytelling, our main character, Jason Brody, came with his two brothers and friends on a trip to Rook Island. But unfortunately, these bipedes were the junkyard shelter. They are all caught by them. Jason and brother's elder brother tried to flee from them when Vaas died in the hands of a pirate leader and his brother fled to Jason. He later started working with residents of the island called Rakyat to find his friend and younger brother and return them home.

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Farcry 3 Low End PC Review

Story is more interesting than Far Cry 2, because Far Cry 2 had very little involvement with the main character in the story. He used to do what he had been asked to earn money. But the FC 3 has come to personalize the story of the whole family. This makes it more attractive to the player.

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I got the most fun playing the FC 3 game . The player is not easy to blame so many ways can be used to do everything about killing the enemy, hunting, grab the camp etc. Crafting has been added as a new fixture. The leaves of syringes and animal skin can be made with different types of bags or bags. Besides, the biggest variation in the game is the addition of RPG elements. As an RPG element, XP based level up and skill unlock system are added. But many of the gameplay seem to have been taken from the Assassin's Creed games. Such as Loot Boxes, Radio Towers, Stealth Takedowns, Enemy Detection Markers etc. But the good fitters have been taken. In all, its gameplay from FC 2 seems very interesting and fun.

Although there were some animals in FC 2, they did not have any purpose. There was no hinge aggressive animals. Arthat Wildlife was just for show. But the importance of wildlife is given to FC3. They were given a purpose to hunt and also included animal meat.

FC3's unique fisheries hall is a green energy ecosystem. Not only that, the mountains of mountainous mountains and blue sea games made the environment more palatable. Personally like the setting of the FC 2's green enchanting environment, Felix's green decoration looks more like FC3's Energetic Environment.

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In most cases, FC 3 is better than its predecessor, but has gone backward in one direction and it is the realization. FC 2 was the most realistic and high level of detail game of the era. A lot of attention was paid to minor issues. Coming down to FC 3 it decreases a lot. FC 2 An inspection of the hand while opening a box or lifting arms and ammunition, could make the game feel more immersive. In FC 3, there are only some cases of animated animations. Moreover, in my opinion, the most unrealistic aspect of FC 3 is that after killing the animal, after looking at her body, she could not see any change in Arthat's skin.

Ultimately, the FC 2 errors have proven that Ubisoft's education has improved the series, with FC 3 being found. But I think the best side of FC 2 was not good to exclude Arthat's 'level af detail'.